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>> ordeficit is a our deficit is a big problem and our debt, 16 1/2 trillion dollars, you think that's not a lot of money. cut one number per second, you know how long it would take you to 16 trillion. over 5,000 years. you've got to get rid of the loopholes. some people say, they say, well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars as much as it hurt the guy who made 10-- where does it say you have to hurt the guy. he just put a billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> sean: check mate. that was dr. benjamin carson the world renowned brain surgeon who had the courage to speak truth, at the national prayer breakfast, was that speech almost not--
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and they reached out to the doctor wanted a copy you of the prepared remarks and the doctor declined. i told them i don't have an advanced copy because i don't write out my speeches and i don't use teleprommers. they asked more than once, i gave them the biblical text around which the remarks will be framed. i said read those texts and the remarks will be framed around those. see, mr. president, not everybody relies on the teleprompter like you do. not everybody sleeps with the teleprompter at not. not everybody is in love with the teleprompter like you are. look at dr. carson, and knocked it out of the park. as always thank you for being with us, let the not your heart be troubled. the news continues and greta goes on the record and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us.
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>> tonight, 26 hours until march 1st and the sequester hits. so is anyone in washington going to do anything about it? >> none of these so-called budget cuts are necessary. >> the impact of the sequester will be onerous and severe. >> none of this damage is necessary. >> you're going to see a slow down in our economy and yes, you'll see services that are going to be delayed. >> it's not even going to be felt in reality. >> i'm getting kind of annoyed at the president lining up local police officers and saying their jobs will be lost when everybody knows their salaries are paid by local taxes. >> i find it fascinating that they're trying to blame each other for it. they all voted for it. what, are you crazy? >> it's not president's sequester. >> when you have got a president in campaign mode and never stays in washington to work. >> that would be a great way
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to save money for the taxpayer to stay at home from washington d.c. >> i made the request they have them the noncriminal detainees with monitoring-- >> before the sequester has gone into effect. he's released thousands of jailed, imprisoned criminals. >> it's absurd to think that the government cannot get by with a little more than a 2% reduction in spending when every working american had to figure out how to make due with 2% less in their paychecks since last month. >> i've never in my life known a president who will escape four years until this guy came along. >> greta: and allen west says president obama needs your help with the sequester. he tweets, call, e-mail, flood the white house with suggestions, cutting 2.4% since they're obviously too incompetent to figure it out. congressman west joins us.
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good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: do you think it will have any impact and people he e-mailing and calling the white house and do you think they'll listen. >> i think they will listen, he we don't have any leadership coming out of washington d.c. >> greta, i don't know if you have it sitting there, the gao report talking 200 to 300 billion dollars of wasteful redundant programs in washington d.c., a great place to start. 85 billion dollars is not going to effectively shut down the united states government. we're not going to have to worry about meat inspectors or planes falling from the sky. fact, this week, greta, you have ben bernanke, that was testifying up there on capitol hill, and he talked about because we have such a lackluster recovery we're going to have to continue on with federal spending. what he really is not telling the american people, that we're printing money to the tune of 85 billion a month so we can buy up our own mortgage backed security debt and also treasury bond. again, the numbers are just not adding up and you're
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starting to see a level of ridiculousness coming out of washington d.c. that really has caused the american people a lot of concern. >> well, the other day or the other week, it was announced that the trueman aircraft carrier would not be deployed to the persian gulf because of money, because of sequestration. do you buy that that was a legitimate reason, are they short of cash? are we short of cash in our defense? >> absolutely. because one of the things you have to understand, part of the budget control act was 487 billion dollars of cuts to the department of defense, over the next ten years. and that's taking care of the fraud, the waste and abuse and stream lining, research and development programs, acquisition programs which without a doubt was needed. as you know the first time you had me on i found wasteful programs in the dod budget. and now talking additional 45, 46 billion per year on the department of defense and that's going to start what is going to call the oranges and maintenance budget. during the clinton years, when i was a brigade operations
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officer in fort bragg we felt the cuts there because we didn't have enough money to repair parts for your equipment. did you not have enough for ammunition so you can go out and properly certify and train your crews and artillery officer so these things are going to be felt in the united states military. which if you understand the preeminent responsibility of the federal government to provide for the defense so we can have the lib bertie for the people. and it was for the budget and the democrats and republicans voted nobody wanted to see the 30 million wasted. why can't we did that with all the other incredible waste in this town. >> well, it's interesting to say, you would think that a guy that served 22 years in the united states military sitting on armed house services committee he would
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look at it as a sacred cow. here is something near and dear to me, i have relatives in the military, but we could find saving. if we had every member of the senate and house, in their district, doing what we did. and i don't think you had'd hav to worry-- >> why didn't that happen? >> it comes it leadership. that's the thing that's missing and lacking and resolute leadership that will tell the american people that we have a spending problem. when you have individuals in washington d.c. in positions of supposed leadership, that won't even admit that you have a spending problem. that's the first thing, it's kind of like going to alcoholics anonymous. >> i don't even hear a lot of republicans chanting a particular way. i don't see them going line by line through the budget. i sort of hear them say we have a lot of waste. you actually went and found 30
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million dollars and everybody is appalled and voted your way. there's no one that resisted it. so i don't get why that isn't being done by other members now with other budgets, line by line? >> well, hopefully they're looking and listening right now. and maybe they'll stay in washington d.c. and they'll decide and their committee of jurisdiction to get a piece of the budget. but first of all you've got to understand something, it's been 1400 days since we've even had a budget up in washington d.c. so, that's the first place where we need to start is the house and the senate. passing the budget, that everyone can go through line by line, and making sure that we get rid of that fraud, waste and abuse across all the agencies in washington d.c. >> greta: and you know, i thought it was interesting, senator mitch mcconnell saying last month everyone lost 2% of the paycheck because of the increase in pay, that when the tax cuts or a lot of people did, and we're asking in the sequestration, 2.4% cut, it's about the same. and we learn to live with it? >> yes, it's about the same,
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but, really, you know, if you understand the baseline budgeting, it may not even be that 2.4% because you're really cutting an increase of the spending that's going to occur, so, we need to go to a zero-based budgeting system. that's one of the first things that we need to do and once again, comes back to leadership. you know, it's very troubling when i see the president and others that are going out and trying to scare and intimidate the american people. that's not what leadership does. leadership recognizes that you have a problem, they come up with viable solutions and they tell the american people that we're going to get this under control to protect the future for our children and grandchildren and that's what's most important. >> coneman, always a pleasure. >> nice to see you. >> the congressman says one place to cut spending is afghanistan. right now, the united states is spending, sending, 28 million dollars ooeach day to afghanistan that's in addition to the money to support our troops there. where is that 28 million dollars going? congressman joins us, where is that going?
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>> if you look at just the reconstruction part of the budget, we are on a trajectory to spend 100 billion dollars in just afghanistan. and that's not-- >> and since the beginning of the war. this is just the reconstruction. there is over 19 billion dollars that's been appropriated and yet, not designated for projects and the president has requested another 10 billion dollars. so, you're talking about close to 30 billion dollars that could be clawed back on projects that haven't even been started yet. >> greta: so why isn't that happening? why are-- >> i'm on the show advocating it, there are tens of billions of dollars out there. the president is touting the fact that we're out of iraq, we're not out of iraq, there are nearly 15,000 contractors in iraq alone. >> greta: that we're paying for. >> that we're paying for. yeah, so you just look at the two accounts alone and if you go back again to afghanistan, we're spending more than a million dollars an hour just doing the foreign aid part of it. not even the troops. >> greta: let me go to the
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contractors in iraq. is there -- is anyone monitoring or auditing these contracts? >> we're trying to, i'm on the oversight-- >> trying to? why can't you? >> i've got the numbers, the numbers are very real. the president says we're out of iraq and he replaced them with his own private army. >> greta: are we paying like $100 for an aspirin? does anyone actually nickel and diming, i realize small potatoes compared to the money spent, but is anyone actually looking? what dollar goes out of the pentagon to a contractor in iraq and what we're getting. >> we pay a premium, the green zone is very limited. a lot of these people are literally sitting there twiddling their thumbs because they can't get away from the embassy compound. i think it's a huge waste. >> greta: why are we paying them a premium if they can't do anything? >> again, this is where we're' trying to push the president to say, this should not stand. >> greta: we've been in iraq for, you know, for 10 or 11
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years and this doesn't just come up now. this is pouring into the war and whatever you want to call it now for 10 or 11 years and has anyone actually gone back to see where we've spent money. what we've got for it and whether or not it's simply just bloat? >> oh, absolutely. a special inspector general for afghan reconstruction and they called the cigar and then the cigeur. and the special inspector and we don't hear about it in the press. >>. >> greta: and the money, do we get it back. >> no, no. >> greta: what do you mean we don't get it back. this is in the department of defense, overpaid for food service in afghanistan to the tune of $750 million dollars. >> greta: someone signed that, is that person still at the pentagon. >> the people have not been held accountable and the president is not riding herd on this. >> greta: and going back to the last administration, i assume it's not just come up t
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it's been a problem for many decades with spending? >>, but this is the problem. if we're going to go out and spend literally by the tens of billions of dollars, we've got to have the oversight and the responsibility, so, we're so loosy goose on that and furloughing people in utah that are going to be in the military at the same time we're out there obligating tens of billions in afghanistan, makes no sense. >> greta: why isn't your oversight actually connecting and creating a product that we're actually getting our money back or stopping it from going out. >> we've introduced legislation and having hearings and on the show. >> greta: hearings? we could be talking until we're blue in the face, if this money is actually going there incorrectly or overspent, someone's-- to the pentagon and costs a lot of money. shouldn't takes hearings, hearings, hearings to come up with that. >> we have a president of the united states said he was going line by line. a secretary of defense, i've introduced legislation, bipartisan legislation to claw this money back and let's remember that the president took office, there are 130,000
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additional federal workers on the federal payroll. now, you would think that with all of these extra resources, they could actually be responsible with the taxpayer's money. so don't tell me you need tax increases when you've got all of this waste, fraud and abuse. >> greta: and i'm with you with the waste and fraud, but the other issue if there is oversight and people are held accountable for the billions of waste and fraud and someone is signing the checks and i know it's appalling. anyway, congressman, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: the obama administration zunsounding the alarm about sequestration, and air traffic control reduced administration and teacher layoffs. >> some of the stuff happens earlier and some this fall and some of it creates instability and there are literally teachers now getting pink slips and notices that can't come back this fall. >> greta: but is it all just hype? national political correspondent joins us and she
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has a new article that discusses much of this or all of this. let me start first with the whole is there hype from the obama administration? >> well nthat particular claim which was eyebrow raising, that teachers are literally getting pink slipped. we asked the education department yesterday if they could tell us any school district where this is happening. they couldn't. today, the secretary got up in the white house briefing room and said it was happening in one county in west virginia. >> greta: one county? >> we called them and their administrators there said, no, what in fact was happening, was that 104 teachers had been given transfer notices because of a funding reallocation, that had absolutely nothing to do with the sequester. >> greta: who is giving the secretary of education these talking points that are flat-out wrong? i mean, according to your reporting this is just, you know, is a lie. >> they're saying that this was something he heard on a conference call. >> greta: heard on a conference call. i mean, that he heard it on a conference call and repeating
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it as fact. disgrateful. >> it only took one phone call for the washington post to find out directly from that school district that this was not in fact happening, but, greta, this is a thing we've seen happen over and over again in washington, there's even a name for it. they call it the washington monument syndrome, and it goes back to famous incident in 1969 where richard nixon got in a big fight with the park service, you know what they did? they closed the washington monument and the grand canyon two days a week and now what happened? they got the money back. >> greta: and i don't know where secretary arne duncan got his talking points, but that's an issue, distressing. let me ask you about janet napolitano warned that she'll have to furlough border patrol agents. >> we don't know exactly how it's going to work. we've had five government shutdowns since 1981, this is a different animal, this sequester, the across the board cuts.
7:17 pm
so it's true that these have to be taken account by account by account. and that does sort of limit their flexibility, but again, within those accounts they can make priorities. >> greta: explain to me and i think that congressman allen west is talking about, is this the sort of washington cut we're not talking about cutting, but just saying that it's going to be slowed growth. that it's not going to grow as fast as we thought. is that what this is? >> well, you look, for instance, at the numbers they're talking about and the f.a.a. budget and talking about the long lines at the airport and an hour and a half delays in air traffic. they're actually only going to cut the f.a.a. budget to what it was in 2008. which wasn't all that long ago. but, that the f.a.a. ar argues since then they had-- >> which were negotiated, arbitrated still either way the taxpayers are paying extra money. it's sort of hard to think about it the taxpayers with 2% more of taxes, the beginning
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of this year, and the government can't come up with cutting 2.4% which is minuscule difference and we're not really talking about cuts, we're talking about slowed growth. we're talking about when we had the levels where we could live within our means in 2008 and a lot of the numbers and a lot of the programs, too, are jointly administered by the state ap the federal government. the federal government's only responsible for something like 10% of funding in most schools. >> and the president had behind him prince georges county first responders didn't he, when he made the announcement? >> that's another name for the syndrome, they call it firemen first, you bring out the dire scenario possible. but the federal government funds don't pay for the firefighters in prince georges county, i thought the state of maryland did, or prince georges county. >> they do see some federal funding, but primarily controlled by state and local government. by the way, state and local governments are not exactly rolling in money these days either. i know, but it's a little bit
7:19 pm
hard. farfetched for the federal government claiming that this is going to happen when they don't pay for it to begin with, a stretch. >> it's way that-- and we're paying attention and falsely crying fire in a crowded theater is another way. >> we're fixated on the sequester, only one in four americans say they're paying that close attention to this story, so, again, a way of getting people's attention. >> and learn about "the washington post" online, it's all there. thank you, karen. >> thank you. >> straight ahead. criminals released onto the the streets and republicans are blasting the obama administration and the white house says don't look at us, who is the white house blaming for this relief? that's next, move over gsa. despite the fancy bath tubs in vegas, they're outstanding the gsa and you are footing the bill. why does chris christie's wife want him to get reelected the
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>> thousands of criminals illegal immigrants, set free all across america. now, ice is blaming the looming sequester cuts for the detainees release.
7:24 pm
what does the white house have to say. the white house claims they didn't know anything about it. >> this was a decision made by career officials at ice without any input from the white house, as a result of fiscal uncertainty over the continuing resolution, as well as possible sequestration, as ice made clear yesterday, the agency released these low risk, noncriminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring to ensure that it stays within the budget. all of these individuals remain in the proceedings and others individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety. >> congressman's advice on immigration and border security. jay carney says that these people are released, they're out. and a letter to the homeland security napolitano. >> normally when a judge puts
7:25 pm
them in jail it takes a judge to let them get out, but it seems like this is an organized government jail break, asking her what's your legal authority. who did you get go and who made the decision to let these people out of jail. >> greta: well, apparently they don't know. the president doesn't know, the white house doesn't know, i don't think it says, they both claim ice, which is a decision of homeland security, they say they don't know. >> i'm a little suspect or wonder about that comment, just like fast and furious, we have no knowledge of this. so, that's even more disturbing that the white house or ice didn't approve this or know about it. and some low level jailer said, oh, we've got a problem horror, we're just going to let a few thousand people out. >> they didn't even have a problem. they had fiscal uncertainty, meaning they didn't know what's going to happen in the future. they actually didn't have a problem. >> that is right. >>. >> greta: that makes it even worse. >> the sequester is coming and we better plan for this.
7:26 pm
somebody apparently said okay, let's let a few of these people who are in custody illegally in the united states charged with crimes, let's get them go to prepare. i think this is part of the whole, as i call it, the tour of fear on the part of the white house to scare americans about what's going to take place because of this 2% deduction in the sequester. >> greta: jay carney, i mean, he's dilutional if he thinks that the fact that they're subject to deportation hearings rehe leased means they're going to come back for the deportation hearings. i was a lawyer for years, and if you think the clients are coming back. >> i was a judge, and people are released i promise to come back for my deportation hearing, are you kidding me, they're out of jail. >> greta: why did he say that? he's not a lawyer, but why-- he was r reading from some talking points that someone anded them. >> he wants to scare the american public and he may
7:27 pm
have in this. of course, the local sheriffs, law enforcement, they didn't know about this. all of a sudden they've got more criminals in custody released back on the streets and why wasn't local law enforcement notified about it and then the white house, say, we don't really know who let these people out of jail. >> greta: i hadn't thought about it the fact, but the fact that the judge puts them in jail pursue to ice account and you can't get out of jail because ice wants to. the and the judge is it the one holding the person. >> the judge sent an order to the jailer, i'm putting this person in custody. normally the way it works in almost every place in the country, the jailer, the sheriff, the police chief comes back to the judge and says we want this person gets out of jail or release them, the judge orders it released not somebody who says well, we've got budget things coming up, let's clear the jails. >> greta: uncertainty in the future, the white house
7:28 pm
doesn't know mo dwho did it. and homeland security doesn't know who did it and the judge apparently is supposed to do it and nobody knows nothing about nothing and they're out. >> they're out and that's the worst part about it. no accountability and running loose in america. >> this is getting nuttier. >> good to see you. >> americans aren't looking for jobs, but a teen went the extra mile to find one, what does the teen do and how does the hard work pay off. that story is coming up. chris christie is telling a secret about his wife. what is it? we'll get it from governor christie coming up. crème. cooe. crème. stop yelling. you stop yelling. [ whispering ] both of you stop yelling. [ whispering ] i'm trying to read. [ male announcer ] choose your side at is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs.
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>> if you thought the gsa is bad. you have to see this. according to the report, agency is not alone in wasting your money. you the taxpayers picked up the tab for at least 894 government conferences last year. now, total price tag at least 340 million, now the agencies that held the most conventions were departments of defense, health and human services and justice and also the va. also house oversite committee darrell issa joins us. >> i'm looking at the number. the va had 127 conferences that cost 72.7 million dollars. >> they he were a conference king and when talking to the general, the secretary, he said look, i've got a cultural change i have to make and
7:33 pm
somewhat defended it, but it's worse than what it appears. we asked for reporting over $100,000. it's a 15 billion dollar expenditure. we're looking literally-- >> we're looking at the tip. >> greta: if you had 99,000 conference, it's not reflected here. >> thaest's correct, if you broke it to 99,000, it won't reported. and one of the most egregious, but it wasn't the largest. $150,000 done by the office of personnel management, we understand those are the people that oversee people in the government, they're supposed to make the rules for government. slash, the ig. it was the inspector general of that organization that had not one, but two conferences over $100,000 and one of them, out of $150,000 in expenses, $53,000 spent here in d.c. was for a vent planner.
7:34 pm
>> so the staffers could order the stuff. >> from a hotel here in the district. >> greta: equipment, can i be sarcastic, haven't they heard of skype or whatever? and the department of justice had 107 conference ins which they spent over $100,000 and they spent 58.7 million dollars. now, what were they -- what do they do in these conferences? i've never-- i haven't been to any conferences, i guess. >> a lot of essentially sessions to make people feel good, we looked at some of the things that the money was spent on. in some cases it was spent just like the gsa sort of on motivational activity and so on and so you looked and said, wait a second, they called it team building and the like. one of the problems is, if you do this locally and you use your own facility and you pay for, you know, brown bag lunches, you can do this for a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars. as soon as you start getting a hotel and rooms and an event plann
7:35 pm
planner. >> greta: flying people there. >> flying people around and 15 billion dollars and maybe we couldn't cut it out we could cut many billions out of this budget and this is the kind of thing that would cause you not to have to layoff people that are needed to do real jobs. >> greta: i don't know why we have a moratorium on conferences when we don't have money. frankly, what's wrong with the television, why don't everybody get on a conference call or everyone get on skype or something, they don't have to have this team building how to feel good. if they doesn't feel good maybe they should find another occupation or something, i don't know what it is. something's just not right when the american taxpayers are paying for it, i assume some are in cities like vegas? >> some are in vegas, some are the worst offenders are going to d.c. conferences and d.c. people went to richmond. >> greta: 90 miles not going to commute that one. the point was they-- >> why didn't they just stay in d.c., in the beltway area, there are plenty of hotels. and one of the challenges we're facing is this is the
7:36 pm
tip of the iceberg. you know, we've looked at hearings where we've got 81 billion dollars worth of i.t., at least 20 billion of it to programs that we start and they dead end. and yet, there are conferences talking about those programs that don't succeed. we can fix government, but we're not going to fix government by people complaining that any cut somehow is unfair when these are so obvious. >> but these are government employees who seem to have a blank check of taxpayer money with no, no one within the agency saying do we really need this the at all. and-- >> in some cases-- and these people don't get pink slips for their work and they don't get laid off. i mean, they've got pretty secure jobs. >> these are good jobs, and again, we know we don't have enough money to pay for everything, but if the watch dogs at opm are part of the problem we've got to find a better solution. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: how far would you go to get a job? listen to this one. an indiana teen hiked ten
7:37 pm
miles through an ice storm for a job interview, that would have paid him just minimum wage, but his work ethic paid off. and on the way to the interview the restaurant owner offered him a better job and salary. the restaurant owner art bouvier joins us. tell us how you met the young man. >> an ice storm friday morning and i'm out in the parking lot trying to reclaim the ice and turn an ice skating rink into parking spaces and the guy comes through my lot and he asks me how far to a certain intersection that i knew was quite a trek. and i told him, i said it's about seven miles, you're going to be a while. and he said, you know, thank you. and he kept going. and i kept going to open the restaurant. didn't think much of it. went back in and went about my day. about 20 minutes later we had to run a business errand and we're going down the road and pass this kid still trudging down the busy street that had no sidewalk and ice and snow everywhere and i said to my
7:38 pm
wife. honey, pull over and she says is that the kid talking to you in the parking lot. yeah, that's him. let's see if we can help him out. i said buddy get in you're going to be forever walking you ought to be on the bus. and he said well, he couldn't afford the bus. so, get in we're head that had way anyway. and wasn't till then when he got in the car that i was asking what brings you so far out in the snow. and he says well, i have an interview out on that side of town. and i said my gosh, what kind of interview is worth walking all of that way and the cashier position at a thrift store. what are they paying cashiers at thrift stores, but my ears are turning, and i'm thinking this is a guy that's going to show up for work every time he's on shift if he'll walk three hours to the interview. and so, you know, i decided i was probably going to talk to my wife about it, maybe offering a position, and i got his phone number and said you go to your interview and you know, i'll call you later with something and go on the
7:39 pm
interview if not. maybe i'll talk to you and that was it i dropped him off and could have been the last time i talked to him that day and then i shared the story on facebook, not, not to brag on picking him up and giving him a ride, but to brag on him and what he was going through and mostly to share it with my community and i share things with the local community is what i do and then the story went viral in a way i have he' never seen. and by the time the evening hit, i've gotten news cameras from every local media, i haven't called them, they called me, said can we video when you call gentlemhim and of him a job. >> how long has he worked for you. >> he started on monday and apart from the fact that he's a bit of a media sensation, he's been really busting hump along with a good crew and he's actually too tired today to be here and i apologize, but anybody that works in the restaurant business knows, i
7:40 pm
can't expect him to do that all day and then be here this late. so, giving him the night off. >> well, i mean, it's a story astounding and an incredible work ethic and boy is he lucky he ran into you. >> you know, he is, i want to take the focus off of what i did or what he is and just say, this is just about taking risks, it was an interview on the fly, if you will. he had what it took to be part of a busy crew that really busts it and i think a lot of kids can do that. i think hard work pays off. work ethic pays off. and it's out there. there are jobs there for the having and there are people that want them and let's find a way to get them together. >> greta: art. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> greta: coming up, sex ed for kindergarteners, it could happen in one of the nation's biggest public school systems. is sex ed headed for your child's kindergarten classroom. find out. and in two minutes what
7:41 pm
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>> a hockey game turning violent, it's not a professional game, it's a peewee game for children. and one coach is in trouble after a peewee hockey game in vancouver. they lined up for the post game handshake, the coach tripping two players. the movie was caught on camera and ended up going viral. the coach was charged with assault. he pleaded guilty in september and the judge sentenced him to 15 days in jail, jail time for tripping the player. and he didn't think that time served in the community was enough deterrent so the coach spent time behind bars, what do you think, does the punishment fit the crime? go to
7:44 pm
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>> sex education in kindergarten along with snack time and nap time, should be learning about anatomy and reproduction. chicago school system is considering in kindergarten instead of 6th grade. good idea or not. nice to see you, andrea. >> good to see you, too, greta. >> greta: what's up with this? what do you think of this? >> what is the world coming to? i remember a health class in 8th grade and then 11th grade, but it was nothing like this, greta. these are five-year-old kids and i wonder that we're raising our kids too quickly. these are standards that any school could adopt. and chicago chose to adopt them so they could be coming to a school near you. >> greta: now, you can opt out for your children if you want, but i suppose a lot of parents, for better or worse, not necessarily paying attention in the classrooms.
7:47 pm
and that's fair? not every parent is attentive. this could slip through the cracks, it not opting in, it's opting out. >> a lot of parents might not know this is going on, but it's a larger problem. there's a breakdown of the family. we used to get this kind of education from our parents, from our churches, from our communities. and now there's a lot of kids who don't have that so the government is stepping in. which i think this is not the government's role to do this and you know what, greta. it's not very good when the government tries to start teaching values and they're not good at it. i realize with technology, it's hard to not, you know, to advocate for the kids, but i wonder is abstinence part of this? i looked over the entire report and i didn't see any of this. >> whose is it, the school district who is coming one in or the school or the state or the county? who is coming up with it? >> this is the city of chicago and greta, what's really sad, the city of chicago has bigger problems to deal with than sex
7:48 pm
ed. right now only 60% of chicago high school students graduate. only 6% graduate from college and reading and math levels for 8th graders at 20 and 21% respectively so i would argue this school district has a lot of other priorities besides teaching kids about can domes, how to put on a condom. gender roles in he society. one of the things they're teaching is bullying, ihink that might be a smart lesson for some kids, but some of the other stuff i was reading the report, greta, it's been researched by the kennedy school, and npr, the kaiser institute. a lot getting their hands in the education and that's scary for a five-year-old. i called a friend, and the five-year-old was up. what is he talking about now? unicorns and dinosaurs shall it's the last stage, and i think we're corrupting our kids too soon.
7:49 pm
>> greta: and thank you, andrea, congratulations for success of "the five" at five. >> thank you. >> greta: and is it it too early to start teaching kids about sex education? and straight ahead, why does governor chris christie's wife really want him to get reelected? governor christie tells ought coming up. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. and watch out, girl scouts, here comes honey boo boo, the website mash book tweeting, honey boo boo using facebook to sell cookies. alana thompson better known as honey boo boo taking to facebook to sell girl scout cookies, each will be signed by honey boo boo and include an autographed picture of her family. the reality tv star has 700,000 fans on facebook and we predict she will sell a lot of cookies. and last night we told you about a billionaire's plan to build the "titanic" ii. tonight, astronaut buzz aldrin tweeted had lunch with the australia billionaire who's building "titanic" ii. wonder if i should go on the maid een voyage.
7:54 pm
why not? already been to the moon. ♪ who let the dogs out. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> governor haley tweeting, heard who let the dogs out, by baha men on the way to chester county and forgot how fun that song was. trying to get it out of our heads. and wrestler challenges the barack to get in the ring and he says that president obama has had an open invitation to face-off in the ring and he says the wrestling name to be "the barack" and john mccain's wife tweets, loving the large indian wedding pounding away outside my hotel window. need sleep. issue hashtag greta on your tweets and posts and don't forget to follow me on
7:55 pm
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>> greta: time for last call.ym what is the best part about being governor of new jersey? here is what governor chris christie told a second grader. >> my name is audrey. i live in montville. my question is what is yourñi favorite reason to be governor? >> two answers okay? there is the serious answer, and a fun answer. i'll given: you serious answer first. serious answer is that the thing i love do)8uby as governor is every morning i get up and i have a chance to do something great. that is the serious answer. okay? so you go back to school they ask you, that is the answer you give. now, here is the fun answer. heres
9:50 pm
how do you keep an older car running like new?

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